Fox Head Logo/Illustration



Blue Whale

Colorful Tropical Fish

farm - childrems textbook illustration

Goat Head

Tough Sheep

Whale City Loose - Stock Art

Giraffe Head & Neck

Boxer Dog Head, Stud Collar

Whale City Illustration

Great Canadian Gifts - Prototype

Promo - 2005 Lotus Awards

Quadrant Homes - Highway Bill Boards

Blue Whale Diving

Chihuahua in a Turtleneck

Adult Penguin with Chick

Coho and Dolly Varden - Musium Display

Eagle Diving


Binge - Bus Shelter,Billboard, Online

Jump through Hoops - Sympatico

Paint No Evil - Self Promotion

Whalers, Blue Whale

Blue Jay Way - Splash

Mattel - Friends - Ecard

Egret Sketch

Jet Nelson - Game Intro

The Mad Hornet Fighters Club - Web Intro

Mattel - Querky Mothers Day Card - Ecard

Repart Christmas - Snow Globe - Ecard

Colourful Summer - Toronto Tourism

Eagle - pointalizm

Pointalistic Eagle

Rocking Horse Productions - Country Music Label

Sea Plankton


Abomitable Snowman

White Spot Restaurants - Pirite Ship

Disney - Club Penguin Test Sheet

Masked Raiders Wine Comp



Rodeo Horse

White Spot, Buck & Eggie

Christopher Christmas Tree - Box Cover

Chritmas - Ecard

Rice Frame

Trout Jump

The Happy Dog Botique

fiddle mouse - fun book illustration

gold fish


Sea Lice - David Sizuki Fountation

Delta Credit Union - RSP

Delta Credit Union - RSP

Christmas - Ecard

Sympatico - Chiwawa

Humming Bird/Flower

A&W - Bear - POP - Uncle and Grandmother - Character Design

Toad - Nature Musium Exibits

North Shore Credit Union -  Home Morgages